Testimonials on Coaching, Counseling, Fitness Training, Workshops, Webinars

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done for me. You’ve truly helped change my life for the better! Thanks for being such a great coach.” Heather G. MN

“You are compassionate and nonjudgmental. I feel comfortable talking to you.” S. V. NJ

“I have saved $1600 for the first time.” Michael G. GA

“This is the new me! My BP is down to 125/80. I don’t use my CPAP machine anymore. I’m breathing easier and sleeping better. I know it’s from exercising and eating healthier.” Debbie J. FL

“I think you have given me the best advice out of everybody.” Frances R. NY

“It’s always been a bright spot in my work week to attend one of Cindy’s mid-day sessions! Both the ‘lunch and learn’ presentations and the exercise sessions are a huge boost to my sense of wellbeing. She shares many motivational tools to lead us toward a healthier life style. The information Cindy presents ranges from learning to manage time and priorities to fit in daily walks, meditation, desk yoga, etc., as well as how to plan a healthy menu and encourage other family members to do the same. Cindy’s encouragement and knowledge are priceless! I could really go on and on…Thanks for everything!” Linda M. NC

“You’re a wonderful coach.” Francine E. NY

“I’ve been smoke free for a year, no urges, no temptations. I have more endurance and I’m still saving money. I’m breathing easier.” Terrill Y. TX

Client has lost 60 lbs in one year. “My doctor is pleased with everything. I feel good. I’m still off my blood pressure medications and don’t have any side effects. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you Ms. Goulding.” Kenard P. VA

Smoke free for 6 months after 40 years of smoking. “Thanks for your help and support. It’s good to have someone there. “I have more endurance. I am swimming and walking longer and breathing better.” Christine G. AR

Smoke free for 6 months. “I want to thank you for your help. I feel like I have a new life, a new beginning. I am breathing better and have a lot less colds. I’m doing great.” Mary M. IL

“You’ve helped me to the point of being more proactive.” Jessica C. VA

“I feel coaching with you has been very helpful with keeping me to stay on track with my goals and my motivation. My wife is also losing weight and making healthier choices. It’s been a big family change.” David B. VA

“I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me in the past 11 months. You have been invaluable to me in my quest for better health. I don’t think I would have made it this far with out your assistance. I hate to see it end. You are great at gettting me to see myself and how to be a better me. Thanks again.” Juanita H. VA

“You put things in my head that I kept thinking about and I think that had a lot to do with me quitting [smoking]. I didn’t try before. Getting a chance to talk about it really helped. I’m sleeping better and have more energy, and my blood pressure is down.” Lauren P. FL

60 year-old woman who completed one year of coaching, lost 13 lbs and achieved 14 goals:

“I made a lot of changes. I’m working for the first time in my life, I’m sleeping better, saying ‘no’ without guilt, my knees don’t hurt anymore, my blood sugars are better, I’m going to the doctor now. I couldn’t have done all of this without you, Cindy.”

Email received from NYC clinical coordinator Jeannette W. regarding coaching client:

“Hi Cindy,

I just spoke with Janice B. She stated that she is very happy with the results of the coaching program. She has lost 11 lbs. He doctor gave her a great report. Her goal now is to maintain the weight loss and she feels she can do that on her own. She asked me to tell you and to give you her thanks. Great job!”

‘Yoga at Work’ class: “Cindy, that was heavenly. I felt so refreshed and calm. We must have it more often and I will encourage more employees to attend. I could do this every day.” Irene H. NC

Telephonic Meditation review: “The guided meditations have been wonderful. Thanks so much for the series – it was great!” Linda L., Director of Business Operations. IA.

Telephonic Meditation review: “I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the 10 minute meditations you are leading. They really make a difference in my work week! Thank you!” Sean C., Clinical Quality Supervisor, NC

“Cindy was my personal fitness trainer for 3 years in Prior Lake, MN. Not only is she a wonderful person, but she is very tuned in to her clients needs and personal goals. I worked out with Cindy at my home 1-2X per week and she never failed to bring her “sunshine” personality and positive attitude to each and every session. Unlike some other trainers I have had through the years, Cindy often worked out with me in such a way, that I didn’t feel too “pushed,” HOWEVER, I could see the positive changes in my body. She not only worked with me on fitness goals, but was also my therapist, as we talked about life changes, and an inspirational friend. We also discussed healthy eating and she gave me many good suggestions for meals and snacks.
Run don’t walk, to any opportunity you have to interact with Cindy and Mike. They are authentic people. The real deal! They care about their clients and encourage each client to be their best and highest self. I love them and you will too!!! :-)
Alyce Gambrell, Eden Prairie, MN
Webinar on “Family Health and Stress”
“Excellent, relevant and helpful information.” “I liked how the presenter gave examples of how to use the content of presentation in real life situations.” “Excellent topic. Good use of examples. Presented good options for people with limitations. Liked the emphasis on movement with options.”
Workshop on “Getting Past the Wall to Protect Inner Peace”
“Just wanted you to know we had an awesome meeting. It was a great topic. He is an excellent speaker. I purchased his book and found it very helpful and something I would use in my clinical practice as well as personally. Thanks again for presenting to us. You were a hit.” Margaret F. NC
Webinar on “Time Budgeting: Getting it all Done”
“Thanks. And to Cindy as well. Very helpful with many takeaways.”
David R. at Quest Diagnostics
Webinar on “Achieving a Better Work/Life Balance”
“Thank you so much. It was great information and very helpful.”
Michele C. at CenturyLink
(client) Cherokee O. hired you as a Retreat in 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Cindy’s expertise and presence is unsurpassed. She met the retreat ladies where their physical needs and spoke about ways to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much for your tips, your time, and your exceptional yoga for the ladies!” November 8, 2012